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1 Year 2.34%
2 Years 2.14%
3 Years 2.34%
4 Years 2.59%
5 Years 2.59%
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Terri Paulovich

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Whether you are buying your first home or making a move to your next home I'm here to assist you with your mortgage needs.  Fast pre-approvals, personal service, same day appointments or work with me remotely! Assisting clients in Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge, Mackenzie, Prince George, Terrace, Kamloops...... Peace Country Mortgages works hard for you wherever you are!

Do you need to refinance your home and use your equity? I have lenders offering amazing rates for refinancing, call me and let's chat!  OAC, terms & conditions may apply.

Sometimes life happens and you find yourself in a credit situation where you may have a high amount of debt or may be you owe CRA for back taxes.  We do have private lenders for those situations and depending on how much equity you have in your home this might be an option for you! Just call or email me for details.

If you already own a property and it's mortgage renewal time, make sure you give me a call before you sign the renewal from your current bank or lender. There is a good possibility that I can get you a better overall package when we consider term, rate, and early pay out penalties, my goal is to keep as much of your hard earned money in your pocket!  We even have lenders that will switch you for no cost.

Are you thinking of buying an investment property? I can help you with that as well!  We have lenders available that will mortgage more 'doors' than most big banks!

Mortgages, home equity/debt consolidation, refinancing, investment properties, new to Canada, mortgage plus improvements, private or 2nd mortgages - I'm here to help and answer any questions you may have!

Call me anytime 250-219-2323

Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge, Fort St John, Hudson's Hope, Fort Nelson, Prince George, anywhere in Canada you are purchasing I'm the mortgage broker for you!

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For Sale By Owner

FOR SALE BY OWNER -- Are you really saving time and money by not using a Realtor? Before you consider either selling or buying privately make sure you educate yourself on all aspects of a sale/purchase. Im not saying you shouldnt do it yourself but make sure all parties are protected as this is a legal contract. - Is the home priced right? - Do you know how to write a proper purchase contract with proper subjects? (Financing, inspection, appraisal, deposit, for example) - Do you know where to obtain the forms you need to write an offer? - Do you know how to handle the deposit? When its payable, is it refundable....? - Do you realize you need to have a lawyer involved? Both Buyer and Seller need to book their own lawyers to handle the transaction. - If you are the buyer do you know you should have your financing figured out before writing an offer? - Do you know how long to set completion/possession dates for from date of contract? - Did you realize that 99% of the time an appraisal will be asked for on a private sale? - If you are the Seller do you realize you need to disclose the history of your house to the Buyer? - Do you realize that all the documents are time sensitive and need to be transferred between the seller, the buyer, the lender the lawyer? A Realtor usually makes sure all documents are correct before submitting to the lawyer once subjects are removed but that would your job as the seller/buyer. -Your lender will approve your financing and mortgage instructions will be sent to your lawyer but all other paper work including the contract, addendums and any other info will be your responsibility to make sure are received on time for your completion date at the lawyers office. Do not expect your lender or your lawyer to do this for you, this will now be the job of the buyer or the seller to make sure all is in order. When you do a private sale it takes a lot more of your personal time to get everything done. Make sure you are ready for any little hiccups that may come up whether it is dealing with something that shows up when inspection is done or there is a delay because an appraisal is called for. As a mortgage specialist I can help you with any mortgage questions but if you bring me a private deal and you need assistance with how to write your contract to purchase Ill either refer you to your lawyer or to a licenced Realtor.


So you are approved for a mortgage, congratulations!! Here are a few tips on how to stay approved and not have any last minute hiccups just before closing your deal! DONT apply for any type of loan or credit card. This means dont buy a new vehicle or RV right after you send in your mortgage application or allow a creditor to pull a credit check. DONT make any large purchases or charge up existing credit cards. DONT spend your down payment and plan to replace it before clsoing, you have to be able to prove where funds have come from! DONT change or quit your job until after you have moved into your new home. DO pay existing loans and credit cards on time. DO know that your lender/bank has the right to pull your credit report right before clsoing and if your score has dropped drastically or you have more debt than disclosed on your mortgage application they can collapse your deal. If you have any questions once approved please ask! The conditions you had to meet to get approved have to remain in place at least until you move into your new home. Lets work together to get you into yournewhome! Call me anytime! 250-219-2323 Terri Paulovich Peace Country Mortgages


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