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Is a reverse mortgage right for you?


What is a CHIP reverse mortgage?

A CHIP reverse mortgage allows Canadians 55 and older to unlock up to 55% of the value of their home to assist with any financial need.  The money received from a reverse mortgage is tax-free, there are no health checks to qualify for and no payments are required – interest or principal – for as long as at least one borrower lives in the home.  The homeowner(s) maintains title ownership of the home at all times.  The home must be your principal residence and the property can be a house, townhouse, or condo, as long as there is enough equity to qualify.

Reverse mortgage loans can be used to:

● Pay off or consolidate debt;

● Supplement income;

● Finance home renovations or repairs;

● Pay for unexpected medical or emergency expenses;

● Financially aid a family member(s) or,

● Improve your standard of living by paying for a vacation getaway or making a special purchase.

The truth is, debt in retirement used to be a faux-pas, but today, more and more Canadians are entering retirement with growing debt.  The average life expectancy is higher than ever and the cost of living is often greater than pension incomes. 

Since 2005, HSBC has surveyed more than 140,000 people in 15 countries about retirement.  The following are keys findings for Canada:

● Retirees – 23% saw their standard of living deteriorate after retiring.  31% feel they did not adequately prepare for retirement.

● Working Age – 81% had a major life event hamper their ability to save.  18% had their ability to save hurt by the economy.  37% are not saving for retirement.

● Pre-Retirees – 61% worry about having enough money to live day-to-day.  40% are not confident they can maintain a comfortable retirement.  68% worry they will run out of money.  44% are not preparing adequately and 52% cite their mortgage or debts as the reason.

● Non-Traditional Sources of Income – 65% point to a domestic second property.  32% consider a foreign second property as a source of funds.

A reverse mortgage is a smart way for seniors to access the equity they’ve accumulated in their home as tax-free cash.  Despite the fact that reverse mortgages have been in Canada since 1986, there are still a lot of misunderstanding.  Much of the media and misinformation about reverse mortgages is rooted in the U.S.  In the U.S., there are numerous reverse mortgage providers, each offering different features.  HomEquity Bank, the only provider of reverse mortgages in Canada, is a federally regulated Schedule 1 Canadian Bank, which ensures that you have a trusted and secure bank providing you with your reverse mortgage.  Over the years, HomEquity Bank has been improving the reverse mortgage program, making interest rates more competitive, adding term options and increasing the amount of home equity a client can access.  It is also mandatory for clients to seek independent legal advice before being approved for a reverse mortgage.

Success stories:

After first learning about CHIP from her mortgage broker, Karen used her money to pay off debt that had built up after her husband’s stroke.  Creditors are no longer calling and she is now free to spend quality time with her husband.

Bill and Linda learned about the CHIP benefits and used the money for much needed home renovations and repairs which they weren’t able to previously pay for.

Miriam was able to take a trip she always promised herself with extended family and friends without having to take money from her precious retirement savings.

Contact me today if you would like more information on a reverse mortgage and find out if it is the right product for you.

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