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Tereza Kumric Mortgage Agent

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It PAYS to shop around.

Many Canadian homeowners pay too much for their homes because they are not getting the best mortgage financing available in the market.

The mortgage process can be intimidating for homeowners, and some financial institutions don't make the process any easier.

But I’m here to help!

I’m a VERICO Mortgage Advisor and I’m an independent, unbiased, expert, here to help you move into a home you love.

I have access to mortgage products from over forty lenders at my fingertips and I work with you to determine the best product that will fit your immediate financial needs and future goals.

VERICO mortgage specialists are Canada’s Trusted Experts who will be with you through the life of your mortgage.

I save you money by sourcing the best products at the best rates – not only on your first mortgage but through every subsequent renewal. So whether you're buying a home, renewing your mortgage, refinancing, renovating, investing, or consolidating your debts — I’m the VERICO Mortgage Advisor who can help you get the right financing, from the right lender, at the right rate.

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What's trending in home décor

Heres a look at some key trends being seen in homes across Canada, according to Karl Lohnes, a home interior and product design authority. Colour: Rooms will feel comforting and intimate with charcoal and butterscotch, two great neutrals. Bring them into your home from the floor to the ceiling and dont forget the windows. Bone is also the new white. The new hue helps to warm up the ever-popular greys and blues. Pattern/Textures: Natural, unembellished fabrics and furnishings are becoming increasingly popular. On the pattern front, plaid fabrics will replace summery gingham checks in fabrics and wallpaper. Furniture: Modern furniture shapes are still popular, but have a soft or round edge; reminiscent of Scandinavian styles from the 1970s and 1980s. At the Window: Heavy draperies that block views and natural light sources are being replaced by pared-down window treatments that let in light without looking dated. The Connected Home: Technology has become an expected feature in any new home and existing homeowners are also loving the wire-free aesthetic (and safety aspect) that it offers. Imagine being at work and having the ability to go online to close your window shades, turn on lights or change the temperature within your home. New PowerView Motorization, available on a wide array of Hunter Douglas window treatments, allows your shades to adjust themselves automatically.

Newly built home? Think inspection before possession

When buying a resale home, many prospective buyers hire a home inspector. Its not a requirement of course, but it makes sense. Why not check under the hood before spending all that money? When buying a new home from a builder things are very different. Often there is no house to inspect. There may not even be a hole in the ground. You are buying the future. It may take weeks, months or even years before you get to step over the threshold to that new home but when you do it should be for an inspection. In fact, builders are required to do a thorough, floor-by-floor walk through with you before they hand over the keys. This introduction to your new home is called a Pre-Delivery Inspection, or PDI. Its part of the new home warranty process. All new home builders in Ontario must provide a warranty that lasts for seven years on the homes they build. This first inspection may have implications on your warranty later on, so its crucial to pay close attention. Listen carefully, know what to look for and take notes. During the PDI, the builder will provide you with essential information about your new home, including how it works. Your builder will show you how to operate your homes systems, like heating, electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing, and provide you with operating manuals. It is also your chance to ensure there is no damage, everything is complete, nothing is missing, and everything is working properly. You should carefully examine both the interior and exterior. Look for things like chips in bathtubs and sinks, scratches on counter tops, damage to floors, walls, cabinetry or other finishes, and doors and windows that are not secure or do not open and close easily. Outside, check things like the quality of brickwork and siding, whether window screens have been installed, and the appearance of the driveway and landscaping. Sometimes, due to weather or other factors, you may not be able to inspect a certain item. If you are unable to assess something at the time, simply make note of it on the form. Feel free to take pictures of any damaged or incomplete items. If necessary, those photos can be submitted to Tarion at a later date. Your builder will note everything down on the PDI form. Review it carefully, make sure its complete and keep a copy. This form will become the official record of the condition of your new home before you moved in. Tarion which regulates new home builders and guarantees your new home warranty, may refer to your PDI form if there is disagreement over whether any damage occurred before or after you took possession. Even after the initial inspection is done, you should continue to inspect your homes condition regularly. If there are items that fall under warranty, your builder is responsible for resolving them, but if he/she doesnt, Tarion will step in. If you have any questions about your new homes warranty, visit www.tarion.com.


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