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6 Months 6.59%
1 Year 6.04%
2 Years 5.64%
3 Years 5.14%
4 Years 5.04%
5 Years 4.79%
7 Years 5.84%
10 Years 6.00%
6 Months Open 9.25%
1 Year Open 7.00%
*Rates subject to change and OAC
Gourav Suri Principal Broker

Gourav Suri

Principal Broker

50 Steeles Ave E, Suite# 216, Milton, Ontario







Beaver Mortgage and Financial Group Inc. is a licensed mortgage brokerage comprised of a large team of highly trained mortgage brokers and agents, with extensive knowledge and exposure to the Canadian Mortgage Market for over 15 years. Licenced and located in ON and BC, We Serve all Over Canada through our National Hub system.


Beaver Mortgage and Financial Group Inc. was established to provide customised and Need Based Solution specific to the client. We understand, not all requirements are same either from the Borrower AND/OR Lender and hence the solution and service also needs to be specific to the needs.


With Extensive backgrounds in Banking, Financial Consulting, Real Estate, and other related fields, our mortgage brokers and agents will not only take the time to arrange a mortgage for however will also ensure that the financing we arrange is best suited to your individual needs.


Our service to you is FREE as a qualified borrower*, and we collaborate with you right from the time we first meet to arrange a pre-approval, up until the closing day of your mortgage and through the term of the mortgage.


Our mortgage brokers are compensated by the lender that we close your mortgage with.

By dealing with us at Beaver Mortgage and Financial Group Inc., we help you save on two of your most valuable commodities in today's fast paced environment: TIME and MONEY. The best part about all of this is we do all the work for you during the entire process.


We have access to over 40 different lenders, including the banks, trust companies, insurance companies, self-insured lenders, and many more. This leverage allows us to negotiate for the BEST mortgage product and mortgage rate for you. In many cases, we end up negotiating a better mortgage for you with your own primary financial institution, no cost to you.


​For more information on our services, and how we can help you find the BEST mortgage solution please contact us at 905.864.8494, or email: info@beavermortgages.ca


​*On approved credit only, (OAC), and qualified lenders. Fees may apply in some circumstances on unqualified transactions.

I'm Equifax certified

I'm certified through the Equifax Credit Professional Program.

BLOG / NEWS Updates

CMHC Housing Market Outlook - Spring 2023

From CMHC Key highlights from the 2023 release We expect house prices and supply in Canada to decrease between 2022 2023. Price declines are expected to end sometime in 2023 before increasing for the remainder of the forecast period. Our analysis forecasts a significant drop in housing starts in 2023 and we can see some recovery starting in 2023 to 2024 and onward. Rental affordability is also set to decline due to demand outstripping supply, especially in Vancouver and Toronto. Prairie provinces expect more positive housing market conditions due to interprovincial migration and affordable homeownership. Ontario, British Columbia and Qubec will see significant drops in housing starts compared to other regions. The Atlantic regions economy remains stable and moderate relative to other regions. https://assets.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/sites/cmhc/professional/housing-markets-data-and-research/market-reports/housing-market-outlook/2023/housing-market-outlook-spring-2023-en.pdf?rev=5c29bc91-2310-435f-b2c9-b801866d0ede

CMHC Housing Supply Report

Highlights from the April 2023 Housing Supply Report: Growth in residential construction was mixed across Canadas 6 largest census metropolitan areas in 2022. Current new home inventories are at historic lows even though housing starts were strong during the pandemic. Housing starts increased in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Starts were stable in Vancouver and decreased in Montral. New research completed by the University of British Columbia using CMHC data shows that most housing starts were built in low-amenity neighbourhoods. Apartments, however, tend to be in high-amenity areas . As interest rates increased, homebuyer purchasing power dropped. Prices decreased slightly in most markets. Apartment construction both purpose-built rental and condominiums continued to grow. https://assets.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/sites/cmhc/professional/housing-markets-data-and-research/market-reports/housing-supply-report/housing-supply-report-2023-04-en.pdf?rev=5558faea-840d-4a27-a9a3-c49e421abd1a


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