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6 Months 4.75%
1 Year 2.69%
2 Years 2.69%
3 Years 2.69%
4 Years 2.69%
5 Years 2.69%
7 Years 2.99%
10 Years 3.04%
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Buying a house is the biggest purchase you will ever make so it pays to know your options. The mortgage process can be intimidating, and some financial institutions don't make the process any easier. Lindsey Cupelli at The Mortgage Advisors is a licenced Mortgage Professional, working for you to navigate and find the best possible outcome. 

With access to over 30 lenders (including major banks) Lindsey has mortgage products, buying power and experience at her fingertips. She works with you to determine the best product to fit your immediate financial needs and future goals. Lindsey will save you money by sourcing the best products at the best rates – not only on your first mortgage but through every subsequent renewal | refinance | purchase.   So whether you're buying a home, renewing your mortgage, refinancing, renovating, investing, or consolidating your debts — Lindsey Cupelli at The Mortgage Advisors can help you get the right financing, from the right lender, at the right rate.


Military Service Provider

Lindsey Cupelli at The Mortgage Advisors is a Military Relocation Specialist. As a long time military spouse, she understands the stressors of relocation. Experienced with BGRS directives, Lindsey understands the ins and outs to assist you in getting the best mortgage. Did you know that some mortgages are Military friendly? Lindsey’s experience and knowledge gives you the power to get the best DND friendly mortgage. The best part? She can help you every time you're posted within Canada with the same customer service and trust each and every time. Contact Lindsey today to start building the easiest long-term relationship you will ever have. 


Why use a Mortgage Agent?

  • One contact working for you with over 30 different lenders
  • The ability to compare mortgages with one credit report
  • Mortgage Agents are licenced by Financial Services Commission of Ontario and experts in their field
  • Mortgage Agents are independent 3rd party service providers that work on your behalf and negotiate for you
  • They can secure you a mortgage anywhere in Canada
  • Flexibility! The whole process can be done from anywhere online without the need to meet in person unless desired



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BLOG / NEWS Updates

Almost no annual growth for national HPI

The national HPI has grown at a below-inflation rate of 0.5% over the last 12 months, the smallest gain since November 2009. Moreover, the fact that monthly gains are reported for May and June does not mean that the market recently turned the corner. These two months typically register the strongest growth rates in a year. Indeed, the two latest rises were among the weakest in history for months of May and June. If seasonally adjusted, the national HPI would been down in both months this year. However, the weakness is not regionally broad-based. The national HPI was dragged down by 12-month home price declines in Western Canada metropolitan areas (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg) and a tiny increase in Victoria. In Central Canada and in the East, home price growth ranges from decent to strong (left chart). This is consistent with the state of home resale markets. For example, the Vancouver market turned favorable to buyers at the end of last year, while the Toronto market remained balanced and Montreal’s market has never been this tight since 2005. That being said, a rebound in home sales recently occurred in Canada which was also felt in the largest Western metropolitan areas. This should help limit home-price deflation in these areas. The Teranet–National Bank Composite National House Price Index increased 0.8% in June, a second gain in a row after an eight-month string without a rise. Highlights: On a monthly basis, the index rose in 8 of the 11 markets covered: Winnipeg (0.1%), Quebec City (0.3%), Montreal (0.8%), Toronto (1.3%), Halifax (1.5%), Hamilton (+1.6%), Victoria (+2.1%) and Ottawa-Gatineau (+2.2%). The index was down in Calgary (-0.1%) and Vancouver (-0.3%), and flat in Edmonton. From June 2018 to June 2019, the Composite index rose 0.5%, the smallest 12-month gain in ten years. The HPI declined in Vancouver (-4.9%), Calgary (-3.8%), Edmonton (-2.6%) and Winnipeg (-0.4%). It was up in Victoria (0.3%), Quebec City (1.5%), Halifax (2.7%), Toronto (2.8%), Hamilton (4.8%), Montreal (5.4%) and Ottawa-Gatineau (6.3%). Source: National Bank Financial Markets; Marc Pinsonneault


In contrast to the US, Canadian growth is accelerating sharply going into the second quarter, following a solid gain in domestic demand to start the year. Fast, and accelerating, population growth, and remarkably strong employment growth are providing a solid underpinning to consumer spending and the housing market. Positive export data suggest that the ongoing strength in domestic demand will be buttressed by net exports in the second quarter, and possibly beyond. Canadian inflation is at the Bank of Canadas target, in sharp contrast to the US, where it has moved away from the Feds objective. This gives the BoC room to keep rates on hold if inflation remains on target. Downside risks remain important and are all linked to US-centric developments, with worries about US trade policy ongoing despite the pause with China. Recent Canadian developments stand in sharp contrast to events in much of the rest of the world. Whereas US growth is clearly decelerating, Canadian growth is on an upswing, with recent indicators pointing to a very sharp rebound from a somewhat sluggish start to the year. Canadians appear to be, for the time being, largely insulated from the broader malaise facing the global economy as consumer and business confidence has improved sharply in recent quarters, owing to strong sales and job creation. While there are a number of factors suggesting that the growth rebound observed will persist through 2020, there is a risk that a divergence between Canadian and US outcomes may not last. Source: Scotiabank Economics


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