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5. Protecting your home

You worked hard, raised your family. Purchased your home or two, maybe a vacation property as well. At times you were able to pinch your pennies and were well organized to put aside the money you needed for some or all the above. How did that work? For many years, the world has been telling you to Buy your home (Property Land) Pay off your mortgage Save for your retirement For some it went well, and I hope that it has. Now how to protect it for your future and family legacy. You tried your hardest and now you want to protect your investment(s). How can you do that? Unfortunately, there are thieves who want to defraud you and steal your money. Did you know that if you have nothing attached to your property you become an easy target to for thieves. These unethical and immoral people would set up mortgage(s) or loan(s) and attach them to your property without a second thought. They could then illegally obtain your money by taking it from the equity of your house. This home you worked your lifetime for, without you knowing until it is too late. This is not to meant to scare you. It is only meant to education you so you can understand the negative situation that is happening today and then with that knowledge you will be able to do something to prevent those thieves on your or love ones property. Here are some things that that you may or may not already have that could help you to protect your home investment(s). Title insurance* Secured line of Credit* Home Line of Credit* Equifax Alerts / Trans union Alerts Nothing is foolproof but some of these things might help. Items 1 - 3 above would potentially offer better protection for you and your home investment but you would need to spend some money. A Real Estate Lawyer would work on your behalf to attached legal things to the title of your property that would offer those protections. In most cases a few thousand dollars invested would be able to protect your home from Fraudulent people trying to obtain money for your assets. If you own your home free and clear and owe nothing on your home. Say today it is worth $800,000, they (bad people) could take off with potentially in the worst-case scenario 90% of your home value and you would be held responsible. The 4th item Equifax Alerts / Trans union Alerts (I Believe) is free of charge. There is an option for free for you to put an alert on your credit. That alert notification would ask any lender to call your phone number if anyone is trying to obtain credit on your behalf. It is not enforced but might be helpful for you as some lenders will take the time and the step to call. As well you as a credit holder in Canada, are encouraged to reach out to Equifax and get copies of your credit reports. That information will help you to track your credit payment and usage information. When you track your credit information then you will be more likely to see something unusual on your credit report sooner. Stay informed and protect your assets. I dont know all the answers but understand that when you have a mortgage or Line of Credit Product attached to your homes title, you can help to protect that property better. I hope that this information will help you to take steps to help protect your home investments for the future retirement or family legacy. Call me today to ask any question. Together we can find the best solution for you. Melinda Baker Mortgage Agent M21000893 Verico The Mortgage Station 11707 Phone: 705-220-1608 melinda@themortgagestation.ca mortgageweb.ca/melindabaker

Bank of Canada increases policy interest rate by 25 basis points, continues quantitative tightening

The Bank of Canada today increased its target for the overnight rate to 4%, with the Bank Rate at 4% and the deposit rate at 4%. The Bank is also continuing its policy of quantitative tightening. Global inflation remains high and broad-based. Inflation is coming down in many countries, largely reflecting lower energy prices as well as improvements in global supply chains. In the United States and Europe, economies are slowing but proving more resilient than was expected at the time of the Banks October Monetary Policy Report (MPR). Chinas abrupt lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has prompted an upward revision to the growth forecast for China and poses an upside risk to commodity prices. Russias war on Ukraine remains a significant source of uncertainty. Financial conditions remain restrictive but have eased since October, and the Canadian dollar has been relatively stable against the US dollar. The Bank estimates the global economy grew by about 3% in 2022, and will slow to about 2% in 2023 and 2% in 2024. This projection is slightly higher than Octobers. In Canada, recent economic growth has been stronger than expected and the economy remains in excess demand. Labour markets are still tight: the unemployment rate is near historic lows and businesses are reporting ongoing difficulty finding workers. However, there is growing evidence that restrictive monetary policy is slowing activity, especially household spending. Consumption growth has moderated from the first half of 2022 and housing market activity has declined substantially. As the effects of interest rate increases continue to work through the economy, spending on consumer services and business investment are expected to slow. Meanwhile, weaker foreign demand will likely weigh on exports. This overall slowdown in activity will allow supply to catch up with demand. https://www.bankofcanada.ca/2023/01/fad-press-release-2023-01-25/


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