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People hate what they fear and they fear what they don't understand. Most people don't understand their mortgage. Fortunately, I am part of a team of agents who love just that, because they understand the process. Coming from a set of competitive athletic backgrounds, our skills transfer well to the business of helping you overcome obstacles in your way to home ownership, and more importantly, to better understand your mortgage to maximize your savings and know why you selected the best option for you.


Personal Background

Alberta born, I break the general rule of the Okanagan. If you live here and are over 40 you're from Grande Prairie and if you're under 40 you're from Calgary. I'm originally from Grande Prairie. A quick few year stop in Vernon, but otherwise I was raised in Kelowna and graduated from OKM. I chased a football dream across the country after three years on the Okanagan Sun. Unfortunately I fell short of the professional dream several of my friends attained but it was a fun adventure.

For the past decade football has been most of my existence, it is nice to now have something I'm as interested in that actually matters to people to put my time and effort towards. Currently I'm continuing that passion as the director of coaching for Kelowna Minor Football(KMFA), so if you have any interest in volunteering or signing up your child, send me an email.

Personal Interests

Philosophy - What makes people who they are? How does each individual contribute to the society at large? How are individuals influenced to inspire the social change desired? What do people believe? Why? What's the outcome?

Athletics - How do people who do apparently amazing things achieve that level? What prevents the rest of us from being nearer them?

Economics - The immeasurable answer to most the philosophy questions that interest me. "Why is Steve faster than Doug?" More than likely, both time previously dedicated and how their bodies use calories. Both are economic in nature. In terms of the financial economy I'm a big believer in the concept of the velocity of money being a good thing to try to increase. As a mortgage broker, I get to be a catalyst for this, shifting would be stagnant money into the hands of those who would use it, and use it for one of the better purchases a person can make. A home.


I once took a personality test, motivators and demotivator, etc. My "theoretical" score (a rating of how much you value learning and knowledge) was as high as possible. This is a compulsive attribute I can't escape. Even when writing brief bios about myself...

I also have dogs, I really love my dogs. Is that a personal interest? 


Okanagan Mission Secondary School graduate. One year of American small town culture shock at Eastern Oregon University. Two years at Okanagan College while playing for the Okanagan Sun, which got me accepted into Queens University to major in philosophy of education.

After a set of relatively minor injuries sullied my first impression with a coach, at the same time a philosophy of education class convinced me paying for knowledge is fairly antithetical to the process of learning. Knowledge isn't purchased but acquired so unless you plan on using the paper you're paying for, there are better ways to invest money and time, both for your wallet and mind in the information age. So my motivation for structured academia was quite shot(along with some other issues with the institution I'm happy to rant about over coffee but won't get into here), and I left  for the unknown.

After leaving academia I took a small business course through a local Community Futures program, though the small business of a dog food store became less appealing upon learning how many products I don't believe in I would be required to sell to make the business viable(see: "homeopathy"). Mortgages, unlike pet supplements, are regulated and held up to fairly strict standards, something I greatly appreciate.

This may belong better under community involvement but going forward I hope to find and join or start a group dedicated to supporting people who endeavor to become autodidactic polymaths. Just people who want to improve themselves as people and will hold one another to some account... that club concept is on the shelf but if it interests you, please email me.

Community Involvement

This coming year I intend to resume two favourite hobbies from my teens, coaching football and officiating both hockey and football. I can never spend enough time on sports though and hope to begin a free training club for youth. I believe a major reason for falling short on my athletic dreams was an ignorance of the effort level required until I'd already fallen well behind. Granted that ignorance is largely what builds the greatest athletes ignorant of when to stop but community breeds competition and I would like to help provide that opportunity to my community.

Professional Interests

My interest in finance and mortgages is driven by two other interests: I love solving puzzles and trying to help people better their situation. There is no more major life improving puzzle to solze quite like turning renters into home owners.

On top of being fitting to my interests, through my time in university I've come to see investment, especially in property, as an almost moral demand. For every extra $100,000 a millionaire or billionaire earns they typically only manage to spend or invest 10-50% of that, but for every extra dollar someone in the $40-80k/yr range they find use for in some cases, more than 100% of that is primarily through qualifying for mortgages. The exchange of goods, the flow and speed of money in an economy, is the life blood of a nation, and I think humanity has a duty to the next generation to do better than the last. This is only accomplished through innovation brought about by a vibrant active exchange of goods and ideas. Mortgages are the bridge to connect the millionaire who may otherwise not invest in anything of their own, to the 40-80k people who by entering the real estate marketplace gain entrance to the number one creator of those millionaires in the first place. As a mortgage broker, I get to be a facilitator of the life blood of the economy, directing people to the economic ladders they'd otherwise be unaware of.

So maybe you're not sure you qualify for a mortgage, fill out the 15-minute application and lets see if I can help you move into the home ownership market. And when you do, you will be informed enough to explain why your mortgage was right for you, and will be looking forward to your next real estate investment.

Professional Background

While I may be new to brokering, I'm very fortunate to be working under two experienced brokers with more than 20 years of brokering under their belts. Any deal trusted to me is not merely in the hands of a fairly new broker but a team of brokers with decades of experience.

To learn more about Lennie and Aaron of the Rampone-Marsh Mortgages team please watch the video and check out their website @ www.ramponemarsh.ca



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