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Andrew S.

"Donovan Walker happens to be one of the brightest and most professional mortgage brokers in the field today. From beginning to end, Donovan worked tirelessly to make sure that every base was covered, every t crossed and every I dotted. I found him to be incredibly warm, professional and thoughtful. He always went above and beyond by following up and making sure that the entire application process in securing a mortgage was a success. I owe my first home purchase to Donovan and can assure you that choosing him is one of the best possible decisions you can make. Thank you Donovan. I am forever grateful." Andrew S Markham, Ont.

The Blaha Team

My husband and I are real estate agents and received a client referral to purchase a condo. Our clients reached out to Donovan to get their financing in order. The transaction was a highly complex one; it required diligence, experience and expertise - all qualities that Donovan Walker possesses, and then some. After weeks of relentless research, strategy, follow-ups and countless hours of paperwork and conversation, not to mention, 5 financial institution rejections due to issues with the lending insurer and the subject property, Donovan worked his on-going magic and delivered the great news! A lender had agreed to take on our client as a client!! Our clients were ECSTATIC! If it wasn't for Donovan's determined and professional attitude the entire deal would have fallen apart and our clients would have lost out on their dream home. Thank you Don for all of your guidance and support, it will never go unnoticed! Looking forward to doing many more deals with you! The Blaha Team

C. Chau

Donovan Walker has been great. There are time when I was impatient but he is still lenient and helped me throughout my financial situation. He answers my questions promptly, very detailed, and always pick up my calls. I am loving my new home, and is very satisfied with my mortgage paperwork, thank you Donovan!

Danni and T

Donovan Walker is the best there is! I wish we made the switch sooner! While experiencing some turbulence with our first broker, Donovan was always there, guiding us with his extensive knowledge, and ultimately got the exact deal we were wanting in record breaking time! What was turning out be a nightmare, Donovan turned out a dream come true. He is very well spoken, has great communication every step of the way and it was very evident that he was looking out for your best interest! Thank you again Donovan. Our situation could have turned into a very different story if it weren't for all of your help!!

Franca Ese

I'm glad I had Donovan on my side going into my first mortgage. He provided prompt & valuable information when required and ensured that I had a pretty quick close which was very important for me. Thanks Donovan

Sana & Abbas

Buying a house can be a hard and stressful process, more so for first time buyers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ivan and Donovan for making this process easy for us through their wonderful and positive support throughout the process. They were understanding & considerate towards our needs and very informative....they had answers to all our questions. Thank you for finding us a place which we could finally call our home. We congratulate both of you for your dedicated professionalism.

Bhushan D.

Donovan was an amazing help to us while we worked through the purchase of our first home purchase. He was prompt at returning our phone calls and worked with us to answer any and all of the questions we had about the loan process, documents during the approval process. It was very reassuring to work with someone who was happy and willing to help. Best part of all is great with email and so I am I and so it was just plain awesome. We were so happy with our experience with Donovan as our Mortgage broker and we have already recommended him to both to our friends and family. I wish Donovan and his firms real estate agent good luck and we will be using them again for our next house in the future.

Deirdre M

Donovan Walker was referred to me by my most AMAZING REALTOR Desiree Tuitt-King. He was so amazing in Helping My husband And I get our first Mortgage. In the beginning he eased my worries as My credit IMO was not the greatest. Then on moving day my Buyers to my property could not secure finance, he went to work again for Us. Trying to secure a bridge loan. When things started looking worst as they could not secure financing at Extension day, we looked to relisting and He did his magic in perusing a Private lender for the amount we were to transfer from the sale of our property as the deposit to the purchase home. Donovan was beyond professional, maintained communication during my times of Crisis. and when I wasn't hearing from him (because I was panicking in crisis) I knew he was busy behind the scenes working feverishly for me.

Boaz Jeevinsingh

I would like to thank my Mortgage Broker Donovan Walker who has helped me and held my hands through the process of getting a mortgage as a first time home buyer and a New to Canada Mortgagor. Even though I though I was going through the right process of getting a pre-approval from my bank before I made an offer only to find out that the same bank declined my application after the offer was accepted. My Realtor Andrew Harris suggested to speak to Mr Walker which Mr Walker took a look at my application and advised me that he would get me a mortgage even with a cheaper rate than my pre-approval letter which he did get me a much cheaper rate. When Mr Walker told me that he would hold my hands through the process, he did delivered. Thank you Donovan

Maryam S

I want to thank you Donovan for your help on getting me a mortgage. I am a newly separated, single mom, with no knowledge of mortgage. Donovan thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me and how things work. Thank you for being patient with me when I was uncertain about everything. Thank you for being there all hours of the day and night. I am very grateful for everything that you have done for me and my daughter to get us a house to call a home. You are absolutely a great person and a hard worker and want the best for everyone. I can't say thank you enough.

T Ford

When you require a mortgage or re-financing, contact Donovan Walker! He guides you through the process of refinancing and makes you the client the priority. I highly recommend, Donovan Walker as your mortgage broker because of his honesty, integrity, confidence, knowledge, communication/customer service and overall commitment to you the client. His expertise in the mortgage business in terms of housing, lending, appraisals, & rates etc. are outstanding! Donovan, made me the client his priority and delivered a fantastic rate to boot!

Sara Rego

Amazing experience purchasing our first home which wouldn't have gone as great if it wasn't for Donovan! He was a great help, made himself available any time we called and supported us through the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone. ??

Jagdish V

Thanks a lot for the great helping me during the crucial time. Donovan Walker has been the best Mortgage agent I needed. He was here for every single question and phone call (even during holidays) We were happy and satisfied with all the help and guidance we received till mortgage sanctioned. In spite of some challenges, we got approval in short period of time which made things easier. Thank you for all of your time and hard work

JoAnn Thomas

I was referred to Donovan because my credit score got messed up because of various reasons and I had to get a B lender. I learnt that I did not need to fear telling him the truth. After opening everything to him, he was able to work with the bank, even after they turn down the first proposal. He went back to them and really help them to understand the situation. He fought for me to get the mortgage and at percentage of 1/2 amount had I used another B lender. He went above and beyond to even help me in geting extra help for closing costs. J. Thomas


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