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Gourav Suri Principal Broker

Gourav Suri

Principal Broker

50 Steeles Ave E, Suite# 216, Milton, Ontario

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Beaver Mortgages actually came to me through a reference and lived up to all expectations. They actually hand-held me through the process as a first time buyer and provided me the confidence to take the plunge at one of the most stressful times for a new home-buyer. I highly recommend Mr. Gourav and his team. Timely follow-ups, continuous communication, flexibility, consultative approach and detail orientation were some of the qualities that I am able to recall top of mind. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Beaver Mortgages. Best wishes team Beaver!!


I worked with Gorav from Beaver Mortgage. The best thing I like about him is taking time to explain in details the realistic amount of mortgage we can get based on our current financial situation, how the mortagage process will work and all the documents we will need in advance. He has been very deliget in keeping on top of our approval and following up with the bank making sure we get the mortagage and are able to close our house on time. Moreover he not only provided different Mortagaze options but also explained the pros and cons of the complicated mortgage clauses from each lenders and what will work best for our situation. In case you are looking for an honest and transparent mortgage broker who will genuinely work for you and not for the commision you should definitely try Gorav.


Very professional and helpful . Gaurav and his team helped us at each and every step from finding right house to closing our mortgage.


Excellent service and guidance we received from day one until my Closing. Complete team patiently took us through our first house owing dream and now i can definitely say i earned a family along with house of my dream. Thank you so much to the entire team of Beaver Mortgage for this wonderful ease of service and experience.


Amazing business! Definitely would recommend buying a house here!


Hello Clients, Good Afternoon, I have had the opportunity to work with Beaver Mortgage Financial Group, Specifically Mr Gourav Suri. My situation was extremely sensitive, difficult and urgent. I was in a very difficult situation without going into detail. Anyone that owns a home understands what challenges one can face when life has its own challenges could be health reasons or what ever life throws at you. I was finding it so difficult to get a mortgage. Finally I met the best mortgage broker that I encountered and I encourage you to reach out to is Gourav Siri at Beaver Mortgage Financial Group. He got me the mortgage that works for me. He is so easy to work with , total professional, efficient, reliable, understanding and trustworthy. He will get you the mortgage no matter what the situation is. If you’re looking for a mortgage and have difficulty getting one please reach out to Beaver Mortgage Financial Group, he will get you the deal that will work for you in any given situation. Everyone has situations that are unexpected and you can count on Gourav Suri at Beaver Mortgage Financial Group. Thank you Goura and Seema for working tirelessly for me. I can’t thank you enough for an amazing experience in getting me the mortgage where I can sleep better at night.


I highly recommend Beaver Mortgages and Financial Group for any kind of mortgage needs. They are professional and qualified in their field of work!!


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