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Shopping for the BEST available mortgage can be a daunting task. Mortgage Financing can be a complex exercise and going to different institutions to find that best available mortgage will take time. Why not Save Time, Energy and Money by using a CML Mortgage Professional and have only one contact who can provide extensive choice across Prime, Non-Prime and even Private Lending Markets. Here are some top reasons WHY you should use a CML Mortgage Professional:


Experience and Expertise

CML Mortgage Professionals specialize in finding mortgage solutions for borrowers like yourself. We have the experience working with mortgage lenders, understand the benefits of numerous lmortgage options and are very familiar with the mortgage solutions avaiable. You have the questions, I have the answers.


Mortgage Champion

CML Mortgage Professionals will simplify the process by Negoiating with the lender, Managing all the obstacles, Processing the paper and Sorting out all the details.

I am your unbiased professional representing you and your best interests and not those of the lender.


Personalized Service

CML Mortgage Professionals work with you every step of the way by Walking you through the application process, Discussing and Reviewing your options and Answering ALL your questions. My success is based on your satisfaction.


Solutions That Fit

Finding the mortgage that fits your unique needs can lead to a long rollercoaster ride consisting of rates, product types, terms, prepayments, penalties, closing costs, fees and options. Your CML Mortgage Professional Understands your financial needs and long-term plan, Helps you decide which solution is best for you and will Caution against unnecessary risk. I can save you money by providing the education you need to make excellent decisions and choose the right option.


Time Savings

If you are purchasing a home, house hunting can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating but that is only just the beginning. Finding a mortgage solution on your own can take hours, days and even weeks. CML Mortgage Professionals will do most of the leg work for you that includes Researching mortgage options, Evaluating financing and lender options, Processing your application, Pulling only ONE credit bureau, Handling your documentation requirements, Managing the logistics and Negotiating with lenders.

I will save you time and lots of it.


Whether you are seeking a Purchase, Refinance, Switch/Transfer, Reverse Mortgage or an Equity Take-Out, as your Mortgage Professional, I am committed to providing you with a friendly, personalized, smooth, educational and even an enjoyable mortgage financing experience. Contact Me Today!


"I Always Work In Your Best Interest"

BLOG / NEWS Updates

There Will Be More Renters Than Homebuyers in 2022

NEWS The majority of renters in Canada doubt they will have the ability to purchase a home in 2022 because of the continued increase in interest rates and high inflation. Although the Canadian housing market is cooling for the most part, across the country, the Bank of Canadas multiple rate hikes are becoming the deal breaker when thinking of buying. The increase in rates are creating higher mortgage payments and post pandemic property taxes are not going down either. Canadians will continue to see homeownership as increasingly challenging, said Paul Orlander, Executive Vice President of Individual Customers at Canada Life. According to a recent survey by Canada Life, about 73% of those respondents who are renters said its a bad time to buy a house while 17% said they would never buy one. The main reasons given for staying away from buying were a lack of money, fear and uncertainty. With inflation reaching 7.7% (May 2022) and an expected rate hike of 75 basis-points by the Bank of Canada on July 13, 2022, their rationale is not surprising. Mr. Orlander has stated that homeownership and the cost of maintaining a house could create an issue for Canadian trying to save for retirement and believes renting is a practical option right now if you wish to maintain flexibility or need to protect cash flow for savings and retirement. Source: The Motley Fool

Purchase Plus Improvements

PROGRAM The Purchase Plus Improvements Program provides mortgage borrowers the opportunity to do improvements in conjunction with the purchase of the home. The purchase and the improvements are combined into one mortgage and a single advance. Transaction Eligibility Purchase, Business For Self (Fully Qualified Alta A), Family Plan, Second Homes New to Canada, Rental Property Program (2 4 units), Owner-Occupied Rentals Flexible Down Payment Program Transaction Information Purchase a home with as little as 5% down payment, 10% for Business For Self Alt A Program Existing requirements related to income, down payment and credit worthiness apply Gifted Down Payment from immediate family can be used Government Grant may be considered if pre-approved by insurer Credit Scores below 680 have lower affordability ratio requirements Lending Value is based on the lesser of the improved property value of the sum of the purchase price plus direct improvement costs Improvements cannot exceed 20% of the initial property value or $40,000.00 Required Down Payment is the percentage of the total purchase price plus cost of the improvements Detailed Quotes for the improvements are required up front, prior to the mortgage application being submitted to a lender Improvements must be completed within 120 days of the purchase closing date, though some lenders may cap this at 90 days An Inspection Report is required to confirm the improvements have been 100% completed prior to funds for the improvements being released by the lender An Inspection Report may be waived in particular circumstances. An example would be improvements under $15,000 and then receipts would be required. Lenders differ on this aspect so ensure these requirements are understood upon receipt of the mortgage commitment. The proposed improvements must add value to the home to qualify Improvement Funds are Single Advance Only Further requirements and/or qualifications may be applicable. Contact Chris Stewart to further discuss this mortgage program regarding your specific circumstances.


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