Chris Stewart Sr. Mortgage Professional

Chris Stewart

Sr. Mortgage Professional

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"Building Partnerships That Deliver Trusted Financial Solutions!"


Shopping for the BEST available mortgage can be a daunting task. Mortgage Financing can be a complex exercise and going to different institutions to find that best available mortgage will take time. Why not Save Time, Energy and Money by using a CML Mortgage Professional. I can be your one central contact who can provide extensive choice across the Prime, Alternative and Private Mortgage Markets.

I bring Experience and Expertise, I will be YOUR Mortgage Champion, I will deliver your Personalized Service, I can provide Solutions That Fit, I will Save you Time and Money


Whether you are seeking a Purchase, Refinance, Switch/Transfer, Reverse Mortgage or an Equity Take-Out, as your Mortgage Professional, I am committed to providing you with a friendly, personalized, smooth, educational and even an enjoyable mortgage financing experience. Contact Me Today!


BLOG / NEWS Updates

Mortgage Transfer Qualifying Policy Changes

POST - During the latter part of October, 2023 the Canadian Mortgage Insurers (CMHC, Sagen Canada Guaranty) changed their policies regarding Mortgage Switches/Transfers in accordance to the Federal B-20 Guidelines. The change and enhancements have come to great delight with the Mortgage Broker Industry. Effective immediately, mortgage lenders are able to qualify insured transfers and insured collateral transfers using the contract rate. Naturally, there are some conditions to this and are they are listed below: Must be a transfer of an existing insured mortgage where the borrower paid the default insurance premium. The amortization cannot increase and must stay consistent with the original terms of the mortgage No more than $3,000 in penalty and/or fees can be capped (added) onto the mortgage at the time of the transfer Insurable and Uninsurable Transfers will continue to be qualified on the higher of the minimum qualifying rate or the contract rate plus 2%. What does all this mean you ask? It means that if your mortgage is maturing and was originally insured by one of the Canadian Mortgage Insurers and you paid the insurance premium yourself or was added to the mortgage at the time, you may transfer your maturing mortgage from one lender to another and qualify based on the new contract rate being given by the new lender. This will enable borrowers to explore their product and rate options leading into their mortgage maturing and improve the ability to qualify for the transfer to get that better product and/or rate moving forward. Up until now, many borrowers have been unable to do a transfer as they were forced to qualify at the new rate plus 2% and with rate increases, this was becoming more and more difficult to accomplish. This change opens up the door for more Canadian Homeowners to capture a better mortgage structure and cost options so please ensure you explore your options well ahead of your mortgage maturing. As a Licensed Mortgage Broker, I am armed with numerous lender, product and rate choices to provide you during this exercise.

Financial Literacy Month 2023

November is Financial Literacy Month across Canada and a great time to stop and take stock in our current finances, our management and payment of our current debt and what we can do to optimize our financial health among other important checks and analysis. A critical aspect of our lives is to learn, understand and practice financial literacy so we can live our life as stress free as possible financially while ensuring we are doing the right things to prepare for a comfortable future. As the years have progressed, governments have and continue to take steps that are generating an uneasiness with our financial future. Even companies have ceased providing the wonderful pension plans of yesteryear so we must take it upon ourselves to do the right things to ensure a comfortable retirement in our later years. Throughout the month, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and other organizations will be sharing resources focused at assisting Canadians to further understand our finances and empower us to: * Manage our money and debt wisely * Save for the future * Understand our financial rights This years campaign theme is Managing Your Money in a Changing World that anchors our continued complex and constantly changing financial environment and the importance of checking up on our financial health. Lets take some time to check-in with our financial position of both debt and savings to determine where we are at presently, where we would like to go and how to get there. Available Resource Material Financial Literacy Month 2023 National Financial Literacy Strategy 2021 to 2026 Canadian Foundation for Economic Education CPA Canada Credit Counselling Society


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